Mass Mask Wearing Impacts Some More Than You’re Aware

There are some reasons to be against mask mandates that have absolutely nothing to do with wanting to protect one’s freedoms (that Leftists mock). I have other articles regarding the scientific evidence of mask effectiveness, this has nothing to do with whether or not they are effective. This is not me insisting that it is unconstitutional to force masks upon people either (which I do believe). These are my reasons outside of laws and science, and just how it affects some people in their everyday lives.

First, let’s discuss the negative consequences mass mask wearing has on the development of babies. Smiles and visual cues are extremely important to healthy cognitive and emotional development. My son is legally blind, and he didnt start speaking until he got glasses because he couldnt WATCH OUR MOUTHS to LEARN how to mimic the letters. Mask wearing (people are even being told to wear inside the home in some places now) is detrimental to the growth of an infant or small child.

Aside from the development issues with learning how to speak, SMILES ARE SO IMPORTANT. Especially for infants and young children. Smiles are a nonverbal way of communication, are contagious, and they release chemicals which boost happiness levels.

Could you imagine being a child in a school with mask mandates, and going ALL DAY without seeing a smile?! No rewarding gleam of approval from the teacher when you finish your test early. No beaming smile for your beautiful artwork (if they even allow art in their school). No grinning at your classmate when something funny happens. No smiling faces everywhere while playing on the playground (that they arent allowed to play on anymore). No connection solely based on joy that can be infectiously transmitted around the school grounds. There are even goofy little things taken like not being able to make silly faces at your friends when the teacher turns around. There are also less disruptive things like not being able to mouth to the teacher that you need to go to the restroom during a test.

Another thing I realized is that no one seems to think about people who are hard of hearing when they consider mask mandates either. I have to use subtitles when I watch the news or a movie and watch people’s mouths while they speak because I CANT HEAR WELL ENOUGH WITHOUT READING LIPS at the same time. I am CONSTANTLY asking people to repeat themselves which gives me anxiety (anxiety is not logical) and sometimes I will just give up and act like I heard them. This may cause people to miss valuable information because they are UNAWARE that you are talking if they DONT SEE YOUR MOUTH MOVING. This happens to me, I have been looking at a cashier and not heard her until she was snarky with me because I didnt see her mouth move. Mask mandates are a huge disservice to the people who are hard of hearing. I couldnt imagine being actually full on deaf in a time like this.

Another thought I had: think about the race problem y’all insist is such a huge problem in America. When I look at someone of a different race and SMILE at them, like I do nearly everyone, why wouldnt they think I’m glaring at them? I try not to be pessimistic, but most people look like they’re glaring to me. They cant see my mouth, just my squinty eyes. Wouldnt you want people to see that others arent looking at them with contempt for their race? I smile everywhere I go, and I cant even tell if they smile back, so how can they?

With the BLM/antifa riots erupting across America, masks have created an excellent cover for criminals. Not only in the riots, but the lawless Democrat run cities where crime has skyrocketed, like New York City and Chicago. Masks undoubtedly make it easier for criminals to commit heinous acts of violence without being able to be identified and brought to justice.

Most importantly, if a child is kidnapped, and they have a mask on, they cannot plead silently for help from anyone. They cannot mouth words like “HELP ME” when they see someone that can save them. You cannot reassure them silently that you know what is going on. You cannot mouth that you’re going to help them. All forms of silent communication without the knowledge of ASL on both sides of the equation are nonexistent with our mouths covered.

There are downsides to mask mandates and mass mask wearing that even ardent mask believers can’t deny exist. Even if it doesn’t affect your life in any drastic way, doesn’t mean it isn’t making other lives extremely difficult.

Published by BionicBacon

I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my pink hair and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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