No “LOL” at These “Cutiez”

How many of these toys does it take to prove there are nefarious people who are sick and twisted creating toys meant to groom children?? These dolls are in lingerie, have genitals (and you dont get to pick which gender the toy you get is), tattoos that only show up under cold water, and parents even saying they thought it was cute?! 🤮

What is wrong with children being innocent? NOTHING!! STOP TRYING TO TAKE OUR BABIES’ INNOCENCE! They dont need to be sexualized. They dont need to be exposed to any of that! Shame on everyone who tries to prematurely steal that from them.

Even SNOPES cant deny this one. You know it is bad when Snopes still tries to make it only a partial truth because the toys didnt all come out in 2020 (which wasnt part of the claim…).

KidsToo #DontDrinkTheKoolaid #OpenYourEyes #AmericaIsBurning #SaveAmerica

Jim Crow Joe

JimCrowJoe is past gaffes, and is just showing his true colors. His mental state is apparent when its turning off his filter.

☆”If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black!”☆

Take a look at my record, man!” Thats not being “too cavalier” that was his view on any blacks that dont vote Democrat, and how he feels that he can condescendingly dictate your worth as a black voter. Not to mention the accent he suddenly took on, and using words he never uses like “ain’t” and “y’all”. Please name something Biden has done intentionally for black Americans.

In his nearly half a century as a government official, the only thing I can think of him doing that impacts the blacks in America is criminalizing them with the 1994 Crime Bill. The bill which locked up and took black fathers out of the home and did nothing to better black America.

President Trump righted the wrongs done by that 1994 Crime Bill, that Joe Biden endorsed, with the First Step Act. Thousands have been released because of president Trump’s First Step Act. Under President Trump, the head of the United Negro College Fund said that historically black colleges and universities have the highest amount of funding, now permanent funding, than under any other administration. He has put $75 billion dollars into 7500 mainly black impoverished communities in the country.

Those are just some of the accomplishments for the black community that happened under and signed by president Trump. The list goes on. Actions speak louder than words.

So, I will repeat the question, what has Joe Biden done for black Americans?

The TDS is the worst it has ever been. Of all the things I have said that were definitely not racist, and then called racist, nothing is anywhere near implying that poor kids are all people of color or that you’re not black if you dont agree with me. The double standards of the Left has never been more apparent than during Bidens presidential campaign.

If the Left didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

BLM in Positions of Power

Remember those rioters that pulled that statue down on that other rioter’s head? Apparently the responsible parties consist of a state senator, NAACP representatives, a school board official, and public defenders.

Let that sink in.

Those people in positions of power, who should be behaving in a respectable manner, were rioting with the mob and destroying monuments. PLEASE, dont even try to tell me these are just peaceful protesters with random antagonists who dont belong.

No. These are the faces of the BLM movement with random peaceful protesters who dont belong. Random ignorant people ready to march with a sign and stand for something that they didnt research the background or mission statement of in efforts to virtue signal, but in reality they’re just cover for the BLM movement to do what they do best: Burn Loot Murder.

Doctors Fight Back

Doctors fight back against the Fascistbook fact checking on the use of HCQ for COVID-19. They say much of what I’ve said, but I’m not an expert, and my voice doesnt hold weight to most.

So here are experts fact checking the fact checkers. There are some links in the article.

C19STUDY.COM (78 HCQ studies)

The Left’s Fear Campaign

These people all are COVID-19 deaths. From cardiac arrest to intentional/unintentional injury to sepsis, they are labeled as COVID-19 deaths. Did they die FROM COVID-19? Nope. Did they die WITH COVID-19? Maybe.

The death count for COVID-19 is so insanely overinflated with deaths from all sorts of unCOVID-19related events because people just need to die with presumed [suspected, probable or possible] or confirmed COVID-19 (decided ante or postmortem). This means anyone with 1. A cough or shortness of breath or 2. Two or more symptoms, is a presumed COVID-19. Anyone who died and was in contact with someone with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 is a COVID-19 death.


Also, I think it is important to note that approximately 123,600 deaths were over the age of 55. Approximately 105,600 were over 65 years old. Over 10,000 of those just in New York alone are from Governor Andrew Cuomo forcing nursing homes, who were not allowed to test or ask if the patients had COVID-19 upon arrival, to take old folks in when there was an empty hospital ship waiting for COVID-19 patients. Other Democrat states, like California and Michigan, also forced nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients (Michigan explicitly demanding they continue to do so by Governor Whitmer, if I remember correctly).

There is a fear campaign on the Left which includes the partisan, biased Mainstream Media. They, disgustingly, almost sound excited to report increases in cases while melancholy when reporting (if they mention it) on progress towards COVID-19 not being an actual pandemic (which I believe it already isnt meeting epidemic qualifications, if I’m not mistaken).

They dont want it to be over. Fear is what makes people make radical decisions. Fear is what makes people accept unjust orders that science contradicts. Fear causes people to be overly cautious and judgemental of others who arent afraid. Fear results in compliance and a yearning for guidance. Dont let them keep you fearful.

💙🇺🇸❤God bless America.💙🇺🇸❤

Not That Kind of Inflation…

Not only do they frighten the public with overinflated COVID-19 deaths, but they still use Pneumonia, Influenza-like Illness, AND COVID-19. So when they determine if we are below the epidemic threshold, there is pneumonia and flu-like illnesses AND the presumed and confirmed cases.

Even if COVID-19 goes away completely, which it wont (flu is still here, life goes on), we may never get below the epidemic threshold because of the pneumonia and flu-like illness count.

Their explanation is not very helpful. Basically they dont want COVID-19 deaths to be undercounted..

The overinflated death rate, the focus on case counts (and acting as though asymptomatic cases matter), and the ticker never resetting at season changes are just part of the fear aspect of Leftist propaganda.

If you look at the death count, over 100,000 COVID-19 related deaths are people over the age of 65. In order to make COVID-19 look like a mass murderer, they include deaths by car accident, surgical complications, sepsis, injury self-inflicted or not, cardiac arrest, and more as long as there is suspected or confirmed COVID-19, ante/postmortem. If they didnt add all of those deaths, it wouldnt be dramatic or believable that it was an epidemic.

I dont think the virus is fake, I think the fearmongering hype over it is another piece of the Marxist revolution. Fearful people will do just about anything for guidance and reassurance of their safety. Fear is a tool for ultimate control.

COVID-19 has been politicized by the Marxist Left, the “Democratic Socialists,” and though there was potential for a global crisis that they could use for their revolution, it wasnt the massacre they anticipated or needed to alter the fate of our nation the way they wanted. They persist in their lockdowns and mask mandates to isolate and dehumanize We The People.

When they realized it wasnt going to work, they started raising social unrest. Racial tensions were stirred. Almost 3 months of rioting with the Left backing their path of destruction. Enabling them by giving in to their demands and releasing the rioters without even a citation or because of bail reform. The ones committing crimes egregious enough to need bail are bailed out by the virtue signaling liberals who give money to the BLM movement.

Once the rioting died down a little, COVID-19 suddenly is the focus of the media again with fabricated spikes in cases and deaths through faulty testing and over inflation. The “experts” like Dr Fauci literally telling us that BLM “protests” dont spread COVID-19 (but going to church or voting are too dangerous). Fear. Fear. Fear.

The Left wants you to be afraid. We must not let the Left’s fearmongering agenda control our lives.  They want us to be divided. Divided by race, religion (or lack thereof), sex, sexual orientation, party, class, mask vs no mask, vaccine vs no vaccine, and the list goes on.

The Left thrives on divisiveness because people are easier to control when in small victimized groups with other groups to hate. Then they began to meld the “minority” groups (basically everyone except straight white men and Republicans) to all be NeverTrumpers that theyve been grooming for communism fighting against American Patriots.

OpenYourEyes #DontDrinkTheKoolaid #TheyWantUsDivided #AmericaIsBurning #SaveAmerica #VoteRedToSaveAmerica


Give an Inch, Take a Mile

Mayor Garcetti shut off the electricity at an (apparent) tiktok star’s Hollywood home. Baby steps towards shutting down a family’s utilities for having a birthday party. Just because it was at a mansion and the guy can afford to go to one of his other homes does not make it okay! ESPECIALLY during a time when they’re not to shut off people’s utilities who cant pay..

Start with a millionaire, no one cries out against it, they’re just rich people, it doesnt affect ME. Then other celebrities, they can afford it, who cares, it doesnt affect ME. Then wealthy people, they can afford it and shouldnt complain, it doesnt affect ME. Then the everyday working people have no leg to stand on when it happens to them because they kept their mouth shut when it happened all that time to all those other people.

If it’s acceptable to do this anyone, it is an argument for it to be acceptable to do this to everyone.

This is so close to being a human rights violation. Shutting off power for having people in your private residence is unlawful. Garcetti is behaving like a little dictator. Next it will be other utilities. The United Nations has stated that it is a human rights violation to shut off water of someone who cannot afford to pay. What is the difference between that and shutting off water on those who have paid?

I honestly dont care about this guy. I don’t know who he is. I dont really think it is relevant because this shouldnt happen to ANYONE. ANYONE. Mayor Garcetti authorized this and was quite proud of doing so, posting it on his Twitter as a threat to anyone else who dares defy him.


There were 2,400 COVID-19 related deaths in Los Angeles, according to the county’s website, when announcing his act of tyranny. The population of Los Angeles is approximately 4 MILLION people, NOT COUNTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This means 0.04% of the legal population has died WITH suspected or confirmed COVID-19. There have been 91,500 suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in LA, this doesnt tell you how many are symptomatic. Let’s (wrongly) assume that every case is symptomatic, only 2% of the legal, census counted population of LA has been physically effected by the coronavirus.

11,500 people have died WITH suspected or confirmed COVID-19 (not FROM) in the state, and the California population is approximately 40 MILLION. So… 0.03% of the California population has fallen victim to the oh-so-deadly coronavirus. 638,800 cases in the state. Again, assuming every case is symptomatic, only 1.6% of the legally censused population would have been ill.

If you look at the information provided by the State of California’s Health Department, even with all of the overinflated numbers we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, we have actually been BELOW THE EPIDEMIC THRESHOLD SINCE THE LAST WEEK OF APRIL (link AND graph from the state’s website).

Let’s put this into some perspective. 11,600 people have died WITH suspected or confirmed COVID-19 (not FROM) which is around the same percentage of people who died from lung cancer this year (0.02%). Why are cigarettes not illegal??

Approximately 0.09% of the legally counted California population died from coronary artery disease this year; that seems like the real epidemic… what do we do? Close the healthy restaurants, boost fast food sales, and force shut downs of gyms while encouraging people to not leave their homes.

Why is California accepting unconstitutional orders from Governor Newsom and the corrupt local governments for a disease that has only physically affected less than 2% of the legally counted population? Why have people lost businesses and jobs for a disease that has killed 0.03% of the ENTIRE STATE’S population?

Lastly, there are approximately 10.7 MILLION illegal immigrants in the state of California. So those percentages adjusted for proper population are different. That brings the died WITH (not FROM COVID-19) death count percentage down to 0.02% and the confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases to 1.1% of the California population.

The way I see it, this virus has been politically hijacked by the radical Left in order to ease the transition into the communist country they are attempting to turn our Republic into.