BigTech Censorship

Facebook representative, Andy Stone, who worked for Senator Boxer and the DCCC, let the world know via Twitter that he was “protecting the election” by censoring before fact-checkers say it is false information. They have been censoring left and right to cover up for Former Vice President Joe Biden’s scandals and possible criminal activity once again.

BURN LOOT MURDER Movement is Destroying America

the Silent Majority is getting closer and closer to be willing to stand up and fight for our freedoms and our nation. America is burning. Pretty soon America is going to be fighting back, and they’re not going to like when that happens.

Shadowgate and the Arrest of Millie Weaver

Shadowgate was uploaded to the internet, and upon its upload, the woman behind the film, Millie Weaver, was arrested on a sealed indictment, her husband and her brother were also arrested. She had a hearing with CPS to fight for their kids Monday morning and THEN an arraignment for her arrest. Supposedly because of chargesContinue reading “Shadowgate and the Arrest of Millie Weaver”