Rittenhouse: The Crime of Self Defense

Kyle Rittenhouse is being defamed and demonized by the far-Left for defending himself from violent rioting arsonists, resulting in the deaths of two attackers and vaporized an assailant’s bicep saving his head from being blown off. Here’s a breakdown of Kyle, what led to the horrible situation, and what happened.

Breonna Taylor: What Really Happened

Breonna Taylor’s story widespread throughout the Mainstream Media is riddled with misinformation meant to cause outrage and civil unrest. One officer was indicted today, and before you spark your fury over the supposed lack of justice, please read more for my breakdown of what led up to her tragic death.

NFL’s Demario Davis: Truly a “Man of God”

Demario Davis is a special man in the NFL, whom I believe deserves recognition for his charitability and perseverance. Truly a man of God, he didnt let the NFL put restraints his beliefs, instead using the situation as an opportunity to raise money for a hospital. This eventually led to the Devoted Dreamers Foundation, which he founded to help better the future of America’s youth.

Veteran Bar Owner Takes Own Life After Harrassment by the Radical Left

Jake Gardner, a USMC Iraq war veteran 38-year-old bar owner from Omaha, Nebraska, has allegedly taken his own life after facing a slue of outrageous charges from an incident of self defense during a BLM riot, that cost the rioter his life.

The Cult of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Marxist Black Lives Matter movement adheres to every stipulation of being deemed a cult. Read more to find out why.

BLM: “We Are Trained Marxists”

Many people have their blinders on, and insist that communism is not a threat in modern day America. The Black Lives Matter movement is founded and led by self-proclaimed Marxists. Even if you don’t believe me, believe them! Read for a little look into the founders and driving force behind the BLM movement that is sweeping through our nation leaving behind death and destruction.

The BLM Dream: The BREATHE Act

This is the breakdown of The BREATHE Act, created by The Squad and The Movement for Black Lives, which is in essence the foundation for the new communist America they are dreaming of. There is a copy of proposition in the article if you’re interested in reading further into it. From eliminating Customs to reparations to prostitutes, this one is quite the doozy.

The Left Uses “White Privilege” to Create Division

the radical Left uses race to pit people against each other spreading harmful false narratives.

Medias Attempt at Distraction from Antifa Murdering Jay Danielson

The MSM does not want you to be aware that Antifa is targeting Trump supporters. they’d rather have you distracted arguing over the integrity of our president. look, a distraction!

Aaron “Jay” Danielson’s Killer Deceased

Man who killed patriot Aaron “Jay” Danielson shot during Federal raid.